Bullet Resistant

Entry Storefront

Bullet-Resistant Wood Storefronts

Maximum security that is virtually undetectable. Our patented bullet resistant storefront system has the ability to make your space safer and more secure during these trying times. With today’s need for safety and security, warmth and beauty makes the difference in helping your customers or employees feel welcomed, safe and secure when in your spaces.

Safety + Security

SafeWood Designs’ doors can accommodate any locking hardware including low voltage systems and magnetic systems all made to your exacting specifications and in all UL levels 1-8. One-Way vision security films may also increase the level of safety in your space.


Schools, Offices, Interior Malls, Government Centers, Police Stations, Conference Rooms, Libraries, Places of Worship, Dispensaries, Medical Facilities, Warehouses, Retail, Colleges, Fire Stations and more! 

Single Door Collection

Any Design

SafeWood Designs can utilize any plastic laminate or wood veneer to create the perfect bullet resistant storefront or entry for your space. With over a century of woodworking expertise, our team can create your storefront in any combination of doors and windows with any design from slab doors to elaborate and decorative doors. 

Why choose wood?

Research shows having wood in your interior space has a lot of health benefits including lower stress, elevated mood, and more creativity! Step outside the traditional store front design of cold metal and into the soft, warm, and inviting look of wood with the added benefits of bullet resistant protection.


Materials shall be warranted against construction defects
for a period of one year from date of sale, but there are no other representations, guarantees or warranties.


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