Health Benefits of Wood Interiors

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Scientific research that shows the positive effects wood has on the body and mind has been released and it’s astounding!

SafeWood Designs has always believed that steel and aluminum can feel cold and uninviting. Thanks to the studies compiled by Stora Enso Building Solutions, we now have scientific research highlighting the positive effects that wood has on the body and mind. 

Here are the 10 key takeaways from their published whitepaper:

  1. Natural materials boosts your creativity; this includes wood, stone, and textiles.
  2. Natural materials, including wood, improve your focus.
  3. The smell, touch and feel of wood increases mood.
  4. Stress levels in a wood room decreased by 7.5% as opposed to a non-wood paneled room.
  5. Wood can help lower your blood pressure and heart rate.
  6. Wood only replicates the coronavirus for 12 hours vs. 96 hours on other surfaces.
  7. Forest and wood exposure can give your system an immunity boost by activating your NK cells.
  8. Being surrounded by wood has shown to increase productivity.
  9. Untreated wood materials reduce the amount of VOCs from interior spaces.
  10. Wood paneling can help improve indoor air humidity and quality.

Per Stora Enso Building Solutions, “we spend about 90% of our time indoors” in the developed world. Not only does wood make a space feel warm and inviting, but the health benefits are astounding. SafeWood Designs specializes in wood bullet resistant products for your safety, security, and according to research, your health.


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