This Limited Warranty applies to SafeWood Designs, Inc. (“SafeWood”) products purchased directly from an authorized SafeWood dealer, or direct from SafeWood, and installed in the U.S.A. pursuant to the directions provided with the product.  This Limited Warranty extends to the owner of the structure in which the products are installed and is not transferrable.

Exterior Door Systems and Component Parts — Overhang Requirements

Our exterior doors carry a one (1) year warranty as set forth herein when properly installed with an overhang projecting out at least 1/2 the distance from the foot of the door to the base of the overhang and projecting sideways at least 3 feet beyond each side of the exterior door system and exterior door systems are factory-finished or factory primed.  Exterior door systems and component parts are not warranted when installed without an appropriate overhang.  Applications with extreme sun or precipitation exposure may require additional overhang protection in order to maintain any warranty.

Factory Finish

Factory-applied finish is warranted to be free from finish defects for a period of one (1) year. Finish defects include peeling, blistering, and flaking. The color of wood changes, typically darkening/yellowing over time, and is not a defect. The application of stains and/or clear finish does not prevent this natural process.  Color change may be more noticeable in woods treated with a clear coat or light-colored stain. The appearance of a raised grain or other natural variation in the wood grain may be enhanced by the finish and is not a defect.  Factory-primed and unfinished door systems/products must be finished according to SafeWood written Finishing Instructions. The finish on all products may require routine maintenance according to SafeWood written care and maintenance instructions to maintain any warranty obligation by SafeWood.

Glass Components

Glass warranties apply to factory-installed glass or SafeWood supplied glass installed by SafeWood. Bullet resistant glass, art glass, specialty, and other glass and glass features are provided with the same warranties, limitations, and exclusions SafeWood receives from its supplier; contact SafeWood for further details.

Exclusive Remedy

This Limited Warranty is made as of the original date of product purchase and is not a warranty of future performance.  Warranty notice periods begin on the original date of purchase.  In the event a defect is discovered by inspection of a product upon receipt of shipment from SafeWood, notice must be given within 10 days of receipt of the product and before the product has any additional work performed on it and/or the product is installed.  If a covered defect is reported during the term of the applicable warranty notice period, SafeWood will, at its exclusive option, repair or replace the product or component. Removal, installation, finishing, refinishing, and disposal costs and services are not included.  SafeWood will endeavor to supply original replacement parts; however, replacement parts may differ from the original parts. Replacement parts, including upgrades are warranted for the remainder of the original product warranty. Labor costs associated with the replacement of any product are not covered under the Limited Warranty. The end user is responsible for any costs, including labor costs, incurred by SafeWood if a claim is found not be covered or valid under the Limited Warranty.


Damage, defects, or problems resulting from causes outside SafeWood control are excluded from coverage under the Limited Warranty. Such causes include, without limitation:

  • Installation and/or maintenance deficiencies;
  • Installation not in conformity with SafeWood installation instructions and applicable building codes;
  • Improper or non-standard field finishing;
  • Failure to finish and seal according to SafeWood finishing instructions or exposure to the elements prior to sealing;
  • Field mulls;
  • Field finishes;
  • Damage due to trimming more than one-inch (1″) total of the product,
    including no more than 1/4″ from the top and either side;
  • Damage caused by attempts to repair products by anyone other than SafeWood will not be warranted;
  • Installation or use in applications exceeding specifications of the product’s use;
  • Insulating glass installed more than 5000 feet above sea level without capillary tubes;
  • Installation or use near pools, saunas, hot tubs, or other high-humidity environments or sources of chlorine;
  • Failure to follow SafeWood care and maintenance instructions;
  • Failure to properly treat, seal, and maintain exposed wood or wood finishes;
  • Wood thresholds and sills;
  • Use of razor blades, brick wash, or other inappropriate cleaners or chemicals on the product;
  • Shifting or settling of the structure in which the product is installed;
  • Extreme weather events, extreme or unusual atmospheric or environmental conditions;
  • Prolonged snow buildup, or extreme temperature fluctuations;
  • Normal wear and tear; normal discoloration or fading of wood, metal, and other finishes, including brass tarnishing;
  • Variation in wood color, texture, and grain;
  • Glass imperfections consistent with ASTM or other industry standards which do not affect structural integrity;
  • War, insurrection, civil unrest, terrorism, or other Acts of God;
  • Damage resulting from any cause beyond the control of SafeWood including, but not limited to, damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, normal wear and tear, sprinkler systems, gunfire, blast, attack damage, mishandling, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tornado, or any acts of nature are not covered under the terms of this warranty;
  • The “appearance” of field finished doors is not covered by this warranty in any event including, but not limited to gloss level, texture, or color;
  • Placement, quantity, or size of knots in doors that are manufactured from any “knotty” species are not covered under the terms of this warranty; and
  • Any deterioration or failure contributed to by the failure to protect and seal ALL surfaces including the top and bottom of the product and the hardware/hinge cutouts prior to hanging, if not pre-hung, are not covered under the terms of this warranty.


Bullet Resistance of Products

SafeWood uses commonly accepted practices for creating bullet resistant products (“BR”).  While we take every precaution to ensure our products meet the safety requirements of our customers, we cannot anticipate all the potential attack scenarios, length or progression of any attack, or means and methods of an attacker to defeat any protective features of our products.   These products will have Underwriters Laboratory (“UL”) rated components as defined in the product drawings and descriptions, but SafeWood can make no other representations, guarantees, or warranties.


Expansion, Contraction, Warp 

Wood products are susceptible to expansion and contraction caused by temperature and humidity variation especially when dealing with exterior doors (see Architectural Woodwork Institute (“AWI”) guidelines for more information). The natural characteristics of wood movement and their effects cannot be warranted, as some shrinking and expansion will occur under certain conditions. These variations are not considered flaws.

Bow, twist, and warp are not considered defects unless in excess of 1/4″in the plane of the door for doors less than 7′ tall, or excess of 3/8″ in the plane of the door for doors over 7’– 8′ tall.   Warp is a distortion in the door itself and does not refer to the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. Doors wider than 3’6″ or taller than 8′ are not warranted against bow, twist, or warp.  Action on claim for bow, twist, or warp may be deferred at SafeWood option for a period not to exceed twelve months after installation to permit the door in question to acclimate to temperature and humidity conditions.

Screen and storm doors are not warrantied against bow, twist, or warp.

Doors painted or stained in dark colors are not warrantied for bow, twist, warp or cracking caused by wood movement in applications with high sun exposure.

Thermal Efficiency 

SafeWood does not warrant the amount or percentage of argon or other inert gas present in insulating glass at any time after manufacture. Inert gas dissipates over time and may be ineffective in products manufactured with capillary tubes. Thermal efficiencies vary with the application of the product.  SafeWood does not warrant a specific level of thermal efficiency will be maintained by bullet resistant materials, inert gas, low emission coatings, or other product features.


Condensation is not a product defect, but the result of excess humidity. Condensation, frost, mold, mildew, or fungus on product surfaces is not covered by the Limited Warranty.


Finish failure or corrosion of hardware or other components due to environmental conditions such as air pollutants, acid rain, salt, sand, chemicals, or other corrosive substances is not covered by the Limited Warranty.


Disclaimers, Limitations, and Additional Terms and Conditions


SafeWood Designs has extensively tested its products to protect the consumer against the stated and UL rated munitions and firearms.  No product, however, is 100% bulletproof and SafeWood cannot predict every attack scenario or the intensity of any given attack.  By use or installation of any SafeWood products, you assume any and all risk related to the use, misuse, or failure of any and all SafeWood products.

This Limited Warranty is the is the only warranty, written or oral, express or implied, provided by SafeWood. No dealer, employee, or agent of SafeWood, nor any third party, may create or assume any other liability, obligation, or responsibility on behalf of SafeWood. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED.  SafeWood assumes no liability and bears no liability for any use, misuse, or failure of any product to perform.  All products are sold “as is” and “with all faults.”  No warranties of fitness or use are provided.  The entire risk of use, quality and performance of all products remains solely with the consumer.   Any implied warranty which cannot be disclaimed under applicable law will be limited in duration to the shortest permissible term and, in any event, will not exceed the term of the applicable express limited warranty; the requirements for presenting any claim so affected will be as provided in this Limited Warranty.

This limited warranty may be changed at any time, without prior notice, at the sole discretion of SafeWood.


IN NO EVENT WILL SAFEWOOD BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. IN NO EVENT WILL SAFEWOOD, its shareholders, agents, officers or employees shall be HELD liable for damages of any kind arising out of your reliance upon SafeWood products or any information provided by SafeWood. The limitations of warranty and liability set forth herein shall survive and apply, even if the exclusive remedy set forth in this Limited Warranty is found to have failed of its essential purpose.


Determining the suitability and compliance with local or other applicable building codes or standards, of all building components, including the use of any SafeWood product, and the design and installation of any flashing, sealing, drainage, or water management system, is the responsibility of the buyer, user, architect, contractor, installer, and/or other construction professional.  SafeWood will not be liable for any problem or damage relating to inappropriate or faulty building design or construction, maintenance, installation, or selection of products. Windows, doors, and other products are only one element of a structure; SafeWood does not warrant that third-party certification of a building or project to any specific standard will be achieved through the use of any SafeWood product.

No Waiver 

SafeWood may, in its sole discretion, extend benefits beyond what is covered under this Limited Warranty.  Any such extension shall apply only to the specific instance in which it is granted and shall not constitute a waiver of SafeWood right to strictly enforce the exclusions, disclaimers, and limitations set forth in this Limited Warranty in any or all other circumstances.


Warranty Claims 

All warranty claims must be made in writing, prior to any attempted repair, and within thirty (30) days of the appearance of the defect and within the applicable warranty notice period. To make a warranty claim, send a written request via certified mail describing the defect, relevant pictures of the claimed defect, and proof of purchase to: SafeWood Designs, Inc.; 7281 Commerce Circle West, Fridley, MN 55432.  Upon receipt of a claim, SafeWood requires a sixty (60) day opportunity to schedule a field inspection if one is deemed necessary.


Appendix: Handling and Finishing Instructions Supplement

Handling and Finishing Guidelines for Your New Door

  1. Treat the doors as you would a piece of furniture. Handling damage is not considered a factory defect.
  2. All doors should be handled with clean gloves and equipment to prevent dirt and oil from penetrating the surface of the door face. Bare hands can leave soil and oil stains.
  3. When moving doors, lift and carry each door with at least two persons. Do not drag doors or slide them across one another, as this can result in drag marks and chipping damage along door edges.
  4. Doors must be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area in an enclosed building with an operational and balanced HVAC system. Do not deliver doors to the job site until concrete floor, foundations and plaster or dry wall work is completed and fully dry. Never store doors outside exposed to the elements.
  5. Do not subject doors to extremes of heat, dryness or humidity. Relative humidity should not be less than 25% or more than 55% in door storage area, during installation or during use. Temperature should not exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in storage area, during installation or during use. Extremes in Relative Humidity outside of the prescribed range can cause significant damage to the doors including cracking of panels and checking of veneers. Reference AWI Architectural Woodwork Standards (1st edition 2009, Section 2) and WDMA Standards (I.S. 6A-2008, Section J-1) for established interior environmental requirements for wood doors.
  6. If doors are to be stored for a long period of time (longer than one week), doors must be sealed (all six sides and hardware cutouts) with a non-water-based sealer or primer to prevent undue moisture penetration or drying of the product.
  7. Doors should be stored flat on a level surface in a dry, ventilated area. Place doors on a piece of plywood or cardboard to protect face of bottom door. Two 2×4’s should be placed at 12″ from top and bottom of door and one 2×4 should be evenly spaced in the middle. It is very important to use a center support so that the doors do not sag in the middle. Cover doors to keep clean but allow air circulation.
  8. DO NOT lean doors against the wall.
  9. DO NOT stack without even consistent support under and between doors.
  10. DO NOT store doors in direct sunlight.
  11. Certain species of wood are more sensitive to light and require additional protection from sunlight and UV rays. These species include walnut, mahogany, and cherry.


Door Fitting and Hanging Instructions

  1. All doors should be acclimated to the average prevailing relative humidity of the locality before hanging.
  2. When hanging a door, allow adequate clearance for swelling of the door or frame in extremely damp, high humidity environments. The following guidelines should be used for non-fire-rated doors.
  3. Width: Specified + or – 1⁄16″ with possible humidity expansion of 1⁄16″ for a total variance of 1⁄8″.
  4. Height: Specified + or – 1⁄16″ with possible humidity expansion of 1⁄16” for a total variance of 1⁄8″.

Fitting Doors

  1. Trimming to meet your size requirements can change the overall appearance of the door. We do not recommend trimming SafeWood doors in anyway and this action may void any warranty. If you must modify your door to fit an opening, please contact SafeWood Designs directly for assistance.

Job Site Installation Instructions

  1. Only install SafeWood doors in a closed in building with operational HVAC once all wet work trades are complete. Relative humidity inside the building should not be less than 25% or exceed 55% and temperature should not exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Allow doors to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the installation location before installation (minimum of 72 hours or longer when heat and/or humidity extremes exist compared to storage location).
  3. If doors are to be stored at the job site for a long period of time prior to finishing (longer than one week), doors must be sealed (all six sides and hardware cutouts) with a non-water-based sealer or primer to prevent undue moisture penetration or drying of the product.
  4. If hardware installation requires drilling into a top or bottom edge of a door, installer must pre-drill for screws to ensure effective screw holding and eliminate any chance of material splitting.

Field Finishing Instructions:

Acclimation and Storage Prior to Finishing:

  1. Allow doors to become acclimated to finished building heat and humidity before finishing (minimum of 72 hours when heat and/or humidity extremes exist compared to previous storage location).
  2. If doors are to be stored at the job site for a long period of time prior to finishing (longer than one week), doors must be sealed (all six sides and hardware cutouts) with a non-water-based sealer or primer to prevent undue moisture penetration or drying of the product.

Finishing Instructions:

All SafeWood doors require sanding prior to field finishing. The amount of sanding and preparation will depend on the customer’s selected finish and the method of finishing (spraying or wiping). Finishing will accentuate any unusual characteristics apparent prior to finishing.

  1. Before finishing, remove handling marks, cross grain scratches or effects of exposure to elements and moisture with a thorough and complete sanding of all surfaces of the door using the appropriate grit sandpaper to give the owner the desired/specified finish. Sand the door following the direction of the grain. Remove sanding dust with dry tack cloth in between finish coats.
  2. Where possible, surface should be tested for desired finish to ensure there are no unfavorable reactions as occur with some species of wood. Do not use steel wool on oak veneers.
  3. Prior to staining, a first coat of thinned clear sanding sealer must be applied to the door, followed by a light block sanding. This step will promote uniformity of stained finishes and minimize subsequent handling marks.
  4. Apply one or more coats of stain and sealer as required, sanding in between coats. Stain should be applied with the door in a horizontal position to eliminate the solvents evaporating too quickly and leaving an inconsistent finish.
  5. Apply two coats of topcoat for best results, sanding in between.
  6. Water based finishes are generally ineffective at excluding moisture. Water based sealers or primers should not be used and will void warranty.
  7. Do not finish doors that have obvious defects. SafeWood will not be responsible for warranty of doors that had obvious defects prior to field finishing.

Special Note Regarding Finishing of Exterior Doors

  1. Prior to installation, exterior doors must be finished with at least three coats of an exterior grade sealer.
    1. For painted finishes, apply one coat of high-grade exterior primer followed by three coats of high-quality exterior grade paint.
    2. For natural finishes, apply an oil based exterior grade stain followed by three coats of exterior marine spar varnish or other approved finish containing UV inhibitors to protect the door from sun damage.
    3. High gloss and lacquer-based finishes are not recommended for exterior use.
  2. Exterior sealers will deteriorate over time due to exposure and will require annual maintenance.  Inspect finish at least once per year and refinish as necessary.