Bullet Resistant


Safe Business

When seconds matter, our bullet resistant commercial products provide the time needed to escape an attack. With today’s need for safety and security, warmth and beauty makes the difference in helping your customers or employees feel secure when in your spaces. At SafeWood Designs, we specialize in maximum security that is virtually undetectable.

Wood Bullet Resistant:

  • Doors (Including Barn Doors)
  • Patented Frames & Jambs
  • Windows
  • Storefront Systems
  • Hardware Systems
  • Furniture
  • UL752 Wall Panels (Raw, PLAM’d or Paint-Ready MDF)
  • Historical Replication
  • Whiteboards & Tackboards
  • Retrofit
  • Safe Rooms

US Mass Shootings 2020

US Mass Shootings 2021

US Mass Shootings 2022

Total number of mass shootings according to source: Gun Violence Archive

Precious Time

Now, more than ever, there is a need for bullet-resistant protection. Incorporation of our discreet bullet-resistant commercial products can slow an attack, confuse an assailant, and ultimately provide time for people to escape and evade the attacker. Those precious seconds can allow the opportunity to retreat to pre-staged safe rooms to wait for authorities.

Contact SWD today. Our physical security experts are standing by to help deploy the thresholds of defense in your commercial threat environment.

Other Industries


We offer a multi-layered school security and safety solution.


Concealed ballistic protection while maintaining historic integrity.


We strive to give hospitals and clinics a clean, consistent, warm and inviting look.


Keep your family at ease with custom residential doors, walls, windows, and furniture.