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Historic Replication

Historic Replication

SafeWood Designs, Inc.,(SWD) is a market leading bullet resistant manufacturing company with a clear mission: Enhance the safety and security in all places you live, learn, work, worship, and play. Our bullet resistant wood doors, wall panels, safe shutter, windows, and furniture seamlessly integrate with existing building structures and features to maintain design and decor.

SafeWood’s team has extensive experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing bullet resistant woodwork and millwork, as well as the replication, reuse, and modification of historic doors, wall paneling, windows, and furniture to incorporate bullet resistant materials.

SafeWood Designs is used by the GSA in historical registry projects for historical renovation.

Safe Historic

Historic Capabilities


  • Historic replication
  • Re-use of historic materials
  • Modification of existing historic materials
  • Reuse of historic hardware and components
  • Finish matching, and refinishing when needed
  • Wood profile or moulding matching
  • Conversion of existing glass to bullet resistant glass

Case Study

With our bullet resistant wood frames and jambs we
can utilize three different approaches for historical
replication or refurbishment:
• Reuse existing historic hardware
• Recreate mouldings and profiles
• Re-purpose salvageable components

In this particular case, initial drawings were created
to the exact specs of the original historic windows
and doors. SafeWood Designs engineering team then
worked to recreate the windows and doors with
bullet resistant security upgrades while still
maintaining the original historic look and feel.



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