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SSCNA Recommended Bullet Resistant Products

Bullet Resistant Wall Panels

Our UL 752 bullet resistant wall paneling allows for every building or home to have a safe area. This cost effective, non-intrusive system can be used to create a safe haven in your home, office, school, etc. for everything from an invasion, storage of valuables, to natural disasters.



SafeShutter™ is a bullet resistant whiteboard that obstructs an attacker’s line of sight. The SafeShutter™ can be swung 180° to impede an attackers progress. In the event of an emergency the SafeShutter™ can also be used as a defensive position. The SafeShutter™ provides bullet resistant safety over any windows or doors.



The SafeSlideout™ by SafeWood Designs is meant to be an inconspicuous addition to your room cabinetry or decor. Used to effectively block the line of sight of an assailant, these work great to cover windows and doors. Available in UL 3 and UL 8.


Bullet Resistant Doors

SafeWood Designs Bullet Resistant Wood doors and patented wood frame assemblies are designed to prevent forced entry, protect against threats of invasion, and are intended to capture and retain attacking projectiles. This lessens the risk for ricochet and deters possible lateral damage.

Walnut S2

Bullet Resistant Windows

Upgrading your current windows to bullet resistant windows is a great way to maintain the warm and inviting environment you want with the protection you need. Available in UL Levels 1-8, any wood species, any design, any finish.

Maple Window

Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows

Our patented wood-framed transaction window with a UL752 Level 8 bullet resistant core is a perfect option for those wanting a warm and inviting style without compromising safety and security. UL Levels 1-8.

30x36 Maple Tw Holebacker

Bullet Resistant Store Front System

Maximum security that is virtually undetectable. Our patented, bullet resistant, storefront system has the ability to make any interior entrance more secure and safe.

Storefront Fullglassdoor 2sidelite 3transom


Easily transform your existing furniture and walls with ballistic protection. When seconds matter, the addition of our decorative or concealed bullet resistant paneling offer an immediate layer of protection for you, your employees, and your clients without compromising your interior décor.

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Historical Replication

SafeWood Designs has extensive experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing the replication, reuse, and modification of historic doors, windows, and furniture to incorporate bullet resistant materials. SafeWood Designs is used by the GSA in historical registry projects for historical renovation.


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Safety + Security. Redesigned.

Mass Shootings 2022

Rising gun violence

With rising gun violence, being proactive is key.


Threat Assessments

SafeWood Designs, Inc. can review your building plans for vulnerabilites and weak points for security upgrades.


Ornate Doors

Ornate and Complex

We ensure to maintain the aesthetics and décor of your environment.


Retrofit Protection

A fast and easy way to quickly add built resistant protection: retrofit.