Safe Home Safe Family

MN Private Residence #1

Pocket doors and interior doors match the look and feel of this home while providing additional layers of protection.

Safe Home Safe Family

MN Private Residence #2

The custom exterior front door, multiple interior doors to bedrooms, and exterior sliding doors will keep this family sleeping safely and securely.

Safe Courts

MN County Courthouse #1

Incorporating ballistics into the traditional courthouse look and feel is a SafeWood Designs specialty.  Safety and security for the judicial system was prevalent throughout this project.

Safe Governement

MN Government Building #1

Government buildings should be welcoming, the woodwork in this government building utilized traditional techniques with protection where needed.

Safe Courts

MN Courts #2

Bullet-resistant entryway, speak-through and doors to match historic design of existing building.

Safe Hospital & Clinic

WI Healthcare Building

The custom reception desk and healthcare room doors will keep employees, patients and visitors safe.

Safe Home Safe Family

Sample Shot Residential Door

This UL Level 3 door has multiple shots on the attack side with no penetration to the safe side.  Protect you home and family with these beautiful wood doors.

Safe Home Safe Family / Safe Office

Bullet Resistant Wall Layers

Protect safer rooms, executive suites, office, or any walls with our bullet resistant wall layers.  Current residential projects utilize this layering for easy to install additional protection.